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At Portwood Property Management, we aim to provide our residents with the best rental experience as possible. Our online portals allow for tenants to pay rent online, file maintenance requests and much more at the click of a mouse.

Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to your common questions

You can view and pay all your billls, such as rent and security deposits, online with any credit or debit card. We also accept cashier's checks, however we do not accept personal checks.
We can not set up payments for the security deposit. We require all security deposits to be paid in full prior to move in. This must be done via certified funds such as card transactions or cashier's checks. Personal checks are not accepted.
The rent/lease agreement must be signed by the property manager and any tenants over the age of 18. This includes any adult children who will be living in the property.
The best thing to do is to file a maintenance request online as soon as possible. Once we see it come through on the system, we will contact you to find out more about the problem. If it is not something that can be fixed easily, then we will send a certified service professional that will fix the problem. If it is an emergency, then call your property manager.
Only bad debts, such as unpaid rent or repair charges, are reported to credit agencies. As of right now, paying rent on time does not help build your credit score. However, we are currently testing a system with Experian that will allow tenants to help build credit for simply paying rent on time. This is only available to a select group of our tenants and we expect to offer it to all tenants in the near future.
No, you do not have to pay for each application if you apply to any property we manage within 6 months of the original application. Our application fee is only to cover credit, background and income checks. We legally can not profit off of application fees. However, after 6 months, your credit, background and income reports are no longer considered valid in our system, so you will need to pay for a new application in that case.

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